William Gleason


William has been a member of HGMC since the very first season.  He is also currently a member of our A Capella group, On That Note and will be traveling to Germany with the group in May 2018 to perform at the Various Voices LGBT choral festival. 

Background Info on Joining

  • When did you join the Hartford Gay Men’s Chorus?


  • Why did you choose to be a part of the HGMC?

I love music , I love choirs, and I love GAYS! Looking for a community.

  • What sort of background in music did you have before joining?

I always wanted to be a pop star! I did show choir and all state. I went to BYU wanting to make music a career.

  • What has been your favorite HGMC show and why?

Gosh, I really liked the YEAR BOOK. It felt sentimental. I think it was a well put together show.

  • Have you participated in any of the chorus committees?  If so, which ones?

Artistic committee.

  • Describe two of your favorite memories related to your work with the HGMC?

I loved wearing red sequins booty shorts and performing as the heat miser. I think Men on Broadway in tear away pants was a great time. The Full Monty.

  • What are you goals for the Hartford Gay Men’s Chorus in the near[MP2] [MP3]  future?

I’d love to work with an LGBTQ youth choir. Get one started? And maybe a co performance.


General Background Information

  • Where are you from? If you are not from the area, how did you end up in the area?

I am from Deep River Ct. I went to high school in northern Maine. I lived in Utah. Portugal and NYC. I currently reside in Windsor Connecticut.

  • What do you do for a living?

I am a hair and makeup artist.

  • What are some of your hobbies?

I am an eternal Club kid. Saturday nights are spent in the city.

Another Fun Fact About William

I have a daughter, and am currently raising my 4-year-old grandson.


Coming Out

Describe your coming out process.

  • Who did you first tell and how did it go?

Hmm, coming out? I have a few different coming out stories. I want to tell a more positive one of my stories. So I had just moved back to the USA. I had been a Mormon missionary in Portugal for 2 years. I had realized while on my mission that my biggest fear was true. I’m gay! I had begun cosmetology school, and I noticed for the first time, I was in a place where it was actually cool to be gay. I would listen to students talk about where they were going on the weekends. I wanted to go to these places, but my fear of rejection and everyone knowing my secret scared me!! I heard a group of kids talking about a club in Hartford. SANCTUARY.  Sunday was the day that was best to go. I had eves dropped and thought I knew where the club was. I put on my best club kid look and was ready to dance the night away amongst gays. I noticed a lot of cars and a club. I was excited! I parked my car and entered the club. I realized I was the only white kid in the club. I had entered a west Indian club. Oops. I went home bummed that I was unsuccessful in my attempt to be with gays. The next week I tried again. This time it was a success! Right around the corner from the West Indian club was Sanctuary. It was in this warehouse. I was so worried and scared someone would recognize me, yet I was so thrilled at the idea of dancing in a gay club. My heart was pounding. I walked through the door. It was like that moment in wizard of Oz. Dorothy opens the door. Everything went from black and white to technicolor. The music was pulsing. Beautiful men everywhere. All of a sudden this gorgeous girl with wild red curly hair runs at me hugging me screaming you’re here! Yikes! Who was this person? She was tipsy. She was dragging me through the club. What had I gotten myself into? She was yelling at me that EVERYONE was there. She was saying all these people’s names. I tried to tell her that I was at the wrong club, and that I needed to leave. I tried so hard to get away, but was unsuccessful. Finally, she brought me to where everyone was. It was the kids from cosmetology school. They all knew I was known as the missionary boy. Everyone was nice to me. One of the boys asked me if I was a Mary? I was so confused. I spent the night on this ginormous dance floor surrounded by hot men. I danced the night away with the beautiful girl with crazy curly red hair. I knew my life was never going to be the same, from that night. This was the night that I was dragged out of the closet kicking and screaming. That was the night I met my best friend. That was the night I came out to myself.

  • Who were some important people in your coming out process and why?

Who were important people in my coming out? I was raised by a mom who wore lots of makeup and had big hair. She was in a women’s singing group. So firstly my mother was important and was fully accepting me for me. My other influence in coming out is MADONNA. MADONNA championed the LGBTQ community. She made it ok to be gay. MADONNA made it cool to be gay. In her video Justify My Love, which was full of gay imagery, she says poor is the man whose pleasures depend on another spoke to me. Live your life for You, not for someone else or fear of their judgement. Lastly my best friend Erin helped me learn to accept me for me.

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